Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Boldings report

Boldings report    17-3-15.


Owen Boswell [Shrewsbury] notched up his second win of the year at Boldings Pools last Monday, and did it with the top weight of the week, 113-7-0, which he took from peg 7 on the Beech Pool. The catch of carp to 7lbs, came to maggot, fished down the shelf.

          Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] fished to the paddles, and at 5 metres to offer pellet and corn at Beech 20 to net 85-3-0 of carp to 6 lbs. Third placed Colin Wozek [Matrix] had 69-4-0 at peg 18 and at peg 29 Mick Jameson [PI Boldings] picked up 4th with his 39-14-0.


          Three PI Boldings rods filled the frame on Wednesday on the Acorn Pool, led by Tony Foster. He had carp to 6lbs on pellet and corn, fished at 5 metres and down the side, to win with 64-2-0 at peg 10.

          Mick Jameson moved up to second by weighing 47-9-0 at peg 3, with Phil Shaw close behind on 46-10-0 at peg 1.


          The Chestnut Pool outshone the Sycamore on Thursday, producing the top two catches of the day. Steve Owen [Monkhall] was top man with 96-12-0 from Chestnut peg 32, which accepted a maggot and pellet combination.

          At peg 28 Gareth Emlyn [Oakengates Ang Cent] combined corn and maggot for a 68-5-0 net of carp and bream to claim second. Best on the Sycamore was Clive Wynn [Tricast Weston] whose 60-14-0 from peg 16 put him into third. Fourth came from the Oak when John Wild [Stafford] recorded 59-4-0 at peg 8.


          Clive Wynn moved up to first on Saturday when the Sycamore proved best. Clive was on peg 4, and had carp to 6lbs in a total of 82-3-0, which he tempted with maggot and pellet at 6 and 8 metres.

          Pellet and corn, close in and at 10 metres put 72-5-0 on the scales at Sycamore 24 to give Andy Williams [Colmic Vespe] second. Third man Paul Wheeler [PIB] was best on the Larch with 60-12-0 at peg 8, and back on the Sycamore, at peg 8 Rob Brennan [PIB] had 58-13-0 in fourth.


          Colin Reynolds was in the frame again on Sunday, finishing top of the list from peg 29 on the Oak Pool. Pellet and corn found carp to 5lbs on the 5 metre line as well as close in, to put 67-6-0 in the net for victory.

          Steve Roberts [Oak Ang Cent] fished maggot into the corner at Oak peg 1 to finish less than 5lbs behind on 62-8-0. Dave Barnard [Rod & Gun] was only 7 ounces behind second with his Sycamore best of 62-1-0 at peg 4, and a Willows best of 59-8-0 gave Jack O’Sullivan [Oak Ang Cent] 4th.