Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Boldings report

Boldings report 21-10-14.


          Colin Reynolds[Bilston Angling Center] enjoyed a successful week at Boldings Pools this week, registering two wins and a fourth place.

          First of the wins came on the Monday open on the Willows Pool, where pellet at 5 metres aroused the interest of carp to 7lbs and barbel to 4lbs at peg 18. As the match progressed, Colin edged ahead of the rest to end the day on 93-11-0.

          On the opposite bank at peg 4 Chris Green [PI Boldings] alternated close in tactics with fishing at 5 metres, using pellet and corn. The fish at his peg ran a little smaller than those of the winner, with carp to 6lbs and barbel to 3lbs adding up to 84-0-0. Next to Chris, at peg 5, Keith Powell [PI Bold] finished one fish behind on 81-2-0 in third, and one more fish adrift was Dave Doughty [Woodend] on 79-3-0 at peg 14.


          Wednesday saw Maver rod Dave Brown in a class of his own, finishing with almost three times the weight of anyone else on the Beech Pool. He was drawn on peg 9, and while the all of the others found the fish in an uncooperative mood, Dave had fish lining up for his maggot bait, fished up in the water, and alongside the bank. At the whistle, there was a total of 104-4-0 of carp to 7lbs waiting for the scalesman.

          Carl Foster [PI Bold] combined pellet and corn to fish at 5 metres and close at peg 32 to finish a distant second with 37-12-0. A level 33-0-0 from peg 20 gave third to Phil Shaw [PI Bold] third, ahead of Dave Cooke [Bronx] on 28-13-0 at peg 11.


          Steve Forest made his trip down from Nottingham worthwhile on Thursday by taking back the top prize. Fishing across to the far back at ‘inlet’ peg 8 on the Willows Pool with pellet and corn helped Steve to take charge of the match when carp and barbel responded, with fish of 7lbs and 4lbs combining to give figures of 101-6-0.

          Second came from the Sycamore where carp and bream moved in on the maggot and corn offered by Andy Williams [Colmic Vespe] at peg 13. taking fish of 8lbs and 3lbs on the 5 metre line and to each side of the peg returned 84-13-0 for Andy. Back on the Willows, on the point at peg 7 Ken Humphreys [Oswestry] was a close third with 82-13-0, and less than 2lbs behind Ken, on 80-15-0 was Rob Hancox [Kings] at Willows peg 9.


          Colin Reynolds took over at the top again on Saturday, when he had top weight of the week, 114-1-0. Pegged on the point at Sycamore 13, he had another mixture of carp and barbel, this time on pellet and corn, which he presented to each side of the point and at 5 metres, with fish to 8lbs and 4lbs making up the catch.

          Paul Hemmings [Wolves] finished not far behind at peg 6, where similar tactics resulted in an all carp 108-7-0, which featured fish to 7lbs. Robbie Griffiths [Matrix TA] was only one and a half pounds off second when he weighed 106-15-0 at peg 33, which left Steve Owen [Wolves] to round off the frame with 94-1-0 at peg 48.


          Morgan Davidson [Oakengates Ang Cent] led another close frame on Sunday, taking victory from peg 29 on the Oak. Pellet at 5 metres and maggot close in led to a net of carp to 7lbs weighing 109-4-0.

          Runner up Ed Turner [PI Bold] was on the Larch Pool, at peg 4 and combined corn and pellet, fished at 5 metres and close in to net 105-11-0 of carp to 8lbs. On the other side of the Larch, at peg 26, Mark Taylor [Shakespeare] scaled 102-2-0 for third and Colin Reynolds finished off his week with a fourth placed 95-12-0, which was the best weight from the Willows on the day.