Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Boldings report    29-11-17.


          Eric Bancroft [PI Boldings] needed every fish in his net to win a close run Monday open at Boldings Pools. He had carp to 6lbs and bream to 3lbs accepting his pellet bait, worked on the 8 metre line at peg 13 on the Sycamore Pool, and at the whistle Eric had 63-12-0 to offer up to the scales.

          Over at peg 32 on the Chestnut Pool Dave Doughty [PI Bold] was catching carp to 5lbs and bream to 3lbs on pellet at 5 metres, then had his weight boosted by the capture of a 14lbs carp. It wasn't quite enough though, and Dave settled for second when the scales stopped at 60-5-0. Last Mondays winner Tony Foster [PI Bold] picked up third when he scaled 40-12-0 at Chestnut peg 13, and one fish behind him on 36-12-0 was Dave Cole [Bronx] at Chestnut 9.         


          Things were pretty close again on Wednesday when Dave Brown [Maver] won from peg 1 on the Oak Pool. Pellet, worked along the side of the dam put 69-13-0 of carp to 5lbs in the net to put Dave at the head of the card.

          Dave Doughty picked up another second prize when he weighed in a Willows best weight of 66-1-0, having caught carp to 6lbs on pellet at 5 metres from peg 4. Ralph Johnson [PI Bold] was third from the other side of the Willows Pool where he weighed in 57-2-0 at peg 19, and back on the Oak Mick Jameson [PI Bold] booked in a level 55-0-0 to collect 4th.


          Rob Hancox [MH Floats] broke the bait dominance of pellet on Thursday by offering bread to each side of Chestnut peg 39, where he was helped to a winning 82-12-0 by a carp of 15lbs.

          Mick Jameson moved up the frame to fill second, his pellet at 3 and 5 metres finding carp to 5lbs and bream to 3lbs to give figures of 54-14-0 at Sycamore peg 24. Third went to Alun Jones [Wrexham] whose 51-2-0 came from Sycamore 32, and Eric Bancroft had another pick up, thanks to 48-8-0 at Sycamore 13.


                      In the cold wind of Saturday Mark Stevens [Stevens Tackle] finished 10lbs clear with his 47-14-0 from peg 32 on the Chestnut. Maggot did the trick for Mark, by bringing carp to 6lbs onto the 6 metre line.

          Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] had carp to 5lbs and bream to 3lbs on pellet at 5 metres to finish second on 37-2-0 at Willows peg 16. Next door at peg 17, Alan Naylor [Oakengates Ang Cent] was close behind on 35-5-0 and close behind him, Tony Foster made his second appearance in the prize list with 33-9-0 at Chestnut peg 8.     


                      The biggest winning margin of the week came on Sunday when Andy Kyte [Middle Severn Angling] had the luxury of not needing the 15lb common carp he included in his catch. Pegged number 13 on the Chestnut, Andy worked maggot at 12 metres to bag carp in the 7lbs bracket and the 15 lb fish, which pushed his total to 82-5-0.

          Eric Bancroft made his third appearance in the frame with a runner up 44-12-0 of carp to 6lbs and bream to 2lbs after he drew Sycamore 13for the second time. Thursday winner Rob Hancox shared fourth with Dave Pritchard [PI Bold] when they each scaled 32-15-0, Rob at Sycamore 35 and Dave at Chestnut 23.