Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Boldings report

Boldings report    25-2-15.




          A week of cold winds, frost, hail and sleet saw off the repeat of last weeks near ton up top weight at Boldings, and the week started with a 46-13-0 winner for Alun Jones [Drennan NW] on Monday. Honours were shared between the Hawthorn and Middle pools, with Alun’s victory coming from Hawthorn peg 11. Maggot, fished to the island secured the win, by attracting carp to 4lbs.

          Second came from the Middle, where peg 3 saw Mick Foan [Rod & Gun] netting carp to 4lbs using maggot and corn at 8 metres to end the match on 41-11-0. Hawthorn peg 15 provided last weeks top weight winner Clive Wynn [Tricast Weston] with 38-2-0 for third, then back on the Middle Eric Bancroft [Rod & Gun] took fourth with his 24-12-0 from peg 11.


          Wednesday was the hardest day this week and a level 28-0-0 from Oak Peg 29 was enough to put Andy Williams [Colmic Vespe] in the clear. With the bigger fish staying out of the picture, Andy targeted carp in the 3lbs bracket with maggot and corn, offered at 8 metres and close in.

          On the other side of the pool at peg 13 Keith Perrin [Wolves] worked at 12 metres and down the side with maggot and corn for fish of a similar size to those of the winner but finished three fish short of top spot when he weighed 21-8-0. Ken Humphreys [Oswestry] booked third place by netting 19-6-0 from peg 24 and up on the dam Alun Jones added to his earlier win with 18-3-0 from peg 1.


          Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] followed up his win of last Saturday with a Thursday victory this time out, and recording the best weight of the week at the same time. Combining pellet and maggot to fish at 8 metres and close in at Sycamore peg 6 found carp to 6lbs, which Colin built into a 61-4-0 winner.

          On the Chestnut Pool Dave Brown [Maver] fished out at 14 metres from peg 37 to contact carp to 4lbs which made up a runner up 53-2-0. Back on the Sycamore Chris Hill [Mosella] scaled 48-12-0 to pick up third, and 2lbs behind him, on 48-0-0 at Sycamore 50 was Gary Collins [Swan].


          Oswestry rods took the top three prizes on Saturday when Josh Humphreys [ABC] led the way from peg 10 on the Stock Pool, where maggot at 12 metres and in the side gave a total of 41-4-0 of carp to 4lbs for a comfortable win.

          At Beech peg 18 Steve Hall [Oswestry] worked maggot and corn at 14 metres to net 26-14-0 of carp to 3lbs to claim second. Ken Humphreys had another third with his 2201309 from Beech 20 which left Andy Price [Oakengates Ang Cent] to finish off the frame from Stock peg 6 where he weighed 20-12-0.