Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Boldings report

Boldings report 14-10-14.



          With no match on Monday at Boldings, Carl Foster [PI Boldings] was the first winner of the week when he scored a first on the Wednesday open, staged on the Oak Pool.

          With water temperatures dropping as winter approaches, the fish are harder to tempt, but working both the close in line and at 6 metres with pellet, Phil found carp to 5lbs at peg 22, and put together 51-12-0 for victory.

          Up at peg 5, on the end of the dam, Stuart Aston [Swan] combined corn and pellet to fish at 4 metres and down the side to catch a similar stamp of fish to the winner, finishing one fish behind on 48-15-0. On the other end of the dam, at peg 1, Phil Shaw [PI Bold] was one fish behind on 45-8-0 in third, and just over a pound further back, on 44-6-0 at peg 16 was Bob Tromans [Fiery Holes].  


          The Sycamore Pool gave better weights in the Thursday open, when the weight of one fish again separated first and second.

          Winner Ken Humphreys [Oswestry] set the best weight of the week in winning with 89-1-0 from peg 39. Ken included carp to 6lbs with barbel to 3lbs in his net, the fish being attracted by maggot and corn fished at 4 metres.

          Tony Woolaston [Kings] was on the point at peg 13, and fished pellet, to each side and out in front at 4metres, to land carp to 6lbs as well as bream to 3lbs, which gave a total of 83-2-0. Peg 36 gave Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] 68-12-0 for third, and at corner peg 50 Terry Edwards [Kings] had 56-8-0 to finish 4th.


          The Sycamore was the scene of the action again on Saturday, and once more there was not much of a gap between the top two. Phil Rhodes [PI Bold] claimed the main prize this time, with corner peg 50 showing improved form. Maggot, corn and pellet all played a part in securing the victory for Phil, attracting a succession of carp to 4lbs for a finishing weight of 76-2-0.

          Paul Wheeler [Ind] caught a mix of carp and bream at peg 33 using maggot and pellet to finish in second on 71-5-0. Two pegs away from the winner Harry Colley [PI Bold] weighed in 64-13-0 to claim third, leaving Phil Foster [PI Bold] on 47-6-0 at peg 8 to take home fourth.


          Colin Reynolds improved on his mid-week third spot to grab the winners purse on Sunday after he drew peg 26 on the Larch Pool. Pellet and corn at 10 metres resulted in an all carp 87-4-0 dropping onto the scales for the clearest win of the week, the catch consisting of fish to 4lbs.

          Eric Bancroft [Rod & Gun] finished second for the second Sunday running by taking an Oak Pool best of 65-2-0, made up with carp to 3lbs, taken on pellet at 6 metres at peg 16. Third and fourth places were closely contested, with Jamie Langford [PI Bold] just nicking third by 2 ounces from Andy Williams [Colmic Vespe]. Jamie was on Larch peg 22 and recoded 60-2-0 , while Andy had 60-0-0 at Larch 7.