Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Boldings report

Boldings report 297-14.


Meat and pellet fished close in at Hawthorn peg 3 saw Harry Colley [PI Boldings] through to victory at the Monday open on Boldings Pools. Carp to 8lbs moved in on the bait, and by the time the finishing whistle sounded, Harry had slipped the net under a level 103-0-0.

          At peg 5 Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] used pellet at 5 metres and in the side to finish second for the second Monday running. His 87-4-0 included carp to 7lbs. Phil Shaw [PI Bold] had the best catch from the Beech Pool, 81-13-0 to finish third overall, with Bob Tromans [Fiery Holes] close behind on 79-2-0 at Hawthorn peg 9.


          Bob Tromans moved up to first place on Wednesday when he drew peg 37 on the Sycamore, and fished a corn and pellet combination to net carp and bream from each side of the peg, with carp to 9lbs and bream to 3lbs returning 98-8-0.

          Matt Stobbs [Oakengates Ang Cent] used the same tactics as the winner at peg 13, but a smaller stamp of carp, fish to 7lbs, with bream to 3lbs, left just under 2lbs short of the target on 96-11-0. Harry Colley added a third to his Monday first, scaling 89-13-0 at peg 24, to pip Josh Humphreys [ABC] whose 89-9-0 came from peg 34.


          Paul Wheeler [PI Bold] had top weight of the week to win on Thursday. Oak peg 16 responded to shallow pellet, putting 149-12-0 of carp to 5lbs on the scales.

          Similar tactics at Oak peg 8 found 102-0-0 of carp from 1lb to 4lbs which handed second to Mitch Jackson [Ind]. Third went to a Sycamore best of 94-13-0 by Phil Foster [PI Bold] at peg 45 and Ken Humphreys [Oswestry] followed in his sons footsteps by finishing fourth with 78-15-0 at Sycamore 24.


          The Saturday open gave a close finish on the Willows Pool, with only three ounces between first and second. Andy Kyte [Maver Sonubaits] squeezed home in first with a mix of carp to 8lbs and barbel to 3lbs weighing 136-12-0. Pellet, fished shallow and down the side at peg 7 did the trick for Andy, and it was shallow pellet that found the fish at peg 4 for Paul wheeler, who just missed out on a double win, as his carp were a bit smaller, up to 6lbs, leaving him agonizingly short on 136-9-0.

          At peg 13 Mitch Davidson [Oak Ang Cent] weighed in 90-13-0 to collect third and fellow Oakengates rod Steve Woodhall took fourth at peg 16 where he scaled 84-8-0.


          There was another close finish on Sunday, with two Oakengates Angling Centre battling for the honours. Both were drawn on the Chestnut Pool, and both caught carp to 9lbs together with bream.

          Eventual winner Steve Roberts included bream to 3lbs with his carp, which he caught on maggot and corn, close in at peg 8, for a total of 126-14-0.

          Gareth Emlyn caught close in on maggot at peg 18, where the bream ran to 2lbs, which left Gareth with a deficit of 10 ounces on 126-4-0.

          Third man Dave Hailey [PI Boldings] was the best on the Willows, weighing in 121-13-0 at peg 8, with Andy Kyte adding a fourth to his first with 114-11-0 at Willows 16.