Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Boldings report

Boldings report    16-12-14.


It was a case of third time unlucky for Colin Reynolds {Bilston Angling Centre] at Boldings Pools this week as he was relegated to the runner up spot for the third Monday running.

          This time he was held back by Mick Foan [Oakengates Angling Centre] who pipped him to victory by just over a pound. Mick was on peg 11 on the Hawthorn Pool and caught both carp and bream, with fish to 4lbs and 2lbs respectively adding up to 61-5-0. The catch came to pellet and maggot, fished to the island, and in the margins.

          Colin was on the other side of the pool at peg 3 where pellet close in and at 10 metres put an all carp 60-1-0, featuring fish to 5lbs, on the scales. Just along the bank at peg 5, Jack O’Sullivan [Oak Ang Cent] filled third spot with 41-7-0, and over at peg 13 Carl Foster [PI Boldings] had 35-8-0 in fourth.


          Last weeks Monday winner Colin Wozek [Matrix TA] claimed the coin on Thursday this week, when his was the only frame weight to come from the Oak Pool. Pegged on 13 he worked pellet at 12 metres and close to the bank for a haul which included some handsome roach to around the pound mark, as well as carp to 4lbs. At the scales he was awarded 71-4-0 which gave him a clear victory, and top weight of the week.

          The remaining weights came from the Beech Pool, with second falling to Brian Clarke [Colmic] at peg 18. Carp to 4lbs and bream to 2lbs fell to his pellet and maggot, which he worked at 14 metres as well as close in, to record 38-12-0. Dave Mortlock [Kings] filled the same third place he filled last week by scaling 35-13-0 at peg 7 and last weeks winner Dave Going [SMG] was a close fourth with 35-4-0 at peg 16.


          After a week out of the frame Josh Humphreys [ABC] put in two appearances at the week-end, with a win on Saturday and a second place finish on Sunday.

          Saturday found him on Willows peg 17 where he concentrated on presenting maggot at 14 metres to stay just ahead of the pack. Carp to 5lbs found the bait to their liking to give Josh a final return of 55-4-0.

          Over on Willows peg 5 Steve Owen [Monkhall] combined maggot and pellet to fish at 10 metres and 14 metres, and almost matched the winner fish for fish to finish just behind on 53-8-0. Peg 19 on the Willows gave last Sundays winner Sean Barber [Maver] a third placed 49-9-0, while a Larch Pool top score of 47-14-0 put John Chapman [PI Bold] into fourth.


          The Willows came up with another winner on Sunday, after Dave Brown [Maver] decided on a maggot feeder attack at peg 7. The tactic put carp to 8lbs on the scales to give Dave a 68-11-0 list topper.

          Josh Humphreys picked up his second place with a Chestnut Pool best weight of 58-13-0 which came to pellet and maggot on the 14 metre line, as well as close in. Simon Mottram [Shrewsbury] was a close third at Chestnut 30 where he weighed in 56-7-0, and only two ounces behind him, on 56-5-0 was Andy Kyte [Middle Severn Angling] at Willows peg 4.