Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Boldings report

Boldings report    26-8-15.


After a few near misses recently, Eric Bancroft [Rod & Gun] made it to the top of the card in the Monday open at Boldings Pools this week.

          Peg 10 on the Chestnut was the scene of Eric’s victory, with close range maggot tactics accounting for carp to 6lbs with bream to 2lbs which gave a winning net of 118-1-0.

          Round at peg 21 Mick Jameson [PI Boldings] worked with pellet, fishing to the island and in the nearside margins. He included barbel to 3lbs with carp to 7lbs  in his runner up 106-5-0. Josh Humphreys [ABC] was in between the top two at peg 18 and took third with 94-5-0, and just behind him at peg 27 was Joe Bunting [PI Bold] on 93-6-0.


          Phil Shaw [PI Bold] collected the coin on Wednesday when the action moved to the Willows Pool. Tackling peg 5 with a shallow pellet approach soon had carp to 6lbs and barbel to 4lbs homing in to give Phil a 43lbs advantage with a total of 127-7-0.

          Having thrown up two winning bags last week, peg 13 helped Paul Evans [PI Bold] to second in this match. He fished caster and maggot at 6 metres and to each side to find carp to 5lbs and barbel to 3lbs which totted up to 83-5-0. Matt Stobbs [Oakengates Ang Cent] extended his run of form with a third best 77-8-0 from peg 8, and at peg 22 Colin Wozek [Vespe] was a close fourth on 75-7-0.


          Last Sundays winner Dave Brown [Maver] scooped the main prize on Thursday this week when his was the only frame weight to come from the Sycamore, the rest coming from the Oak. Dave was on peg 24 on the Sycamore, where caster and maggot, presented close in to each side of the peg yielded 113-14-0 of carp to 8lbs and bream to 2lbs.

          Jordan Hall [Middy] who won last Thursday, was top man on the Oak this time, his 99-3-0 from peg 8, also coming to caster and maggot, which he fished at 6 metres and in the side for carp to 6lbs. Oak peg 29 provided Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] with 86-3-0 which put him in third place, and at Oak 31 Gareth Emlyn [Oakengates Ang Cent] took fourth with 80-4-0.


          Things were tight on Saturday when less than a pound separated first and second, with Simon Christian [Sedgeley] edging into top spot from peg 24 on the Sycamore. Caster and maggot, fished shallow and into the margins came up with carp to 6lbs to give a return of 78-10-0 for Simon.

          Colin Reynolds framed again, pushing the winner all the way to the whistle from Sycamore 37. Working pellet at 5 metres, and down the side, Colin found a mixture of carp to 7lbs and barbel to 3lbs to finish the match on 77-11-0. Dave Brown followed up his Thursday win with a third here, his 62-15-0 being the best from the Stock Pool and coming from peg 6. At peg 11 on the Stock Steve Hall [Oswestry] was a close fourth on 61-7-0.


          Not for the first time in recent weeks Dave Hailey [PI Bold] posted top weight of the week, putting 40lbs between himself and the rest of the field, by scaling 137-6-0 at Larch peg 8 on Sunday. The catch consisted of carp to 8lbs which Dave attracted to his swim with shallow pellet tactics.

          Phil Rhodes [PI Bold] combined pellet and corn at peg 16 on the Larch, offering the baits at 5 metres as well as close in to find carp to 7lbs and bream to 2lbs for a runner up net of 97-4-0. Harry Colley [PI Bold] had the best weight from the Oak Pool to finish third overall, his level 94-0-0 coming from peg 29. Back on the Larch Jason Nichols [Army] bagged 90-2-0 from peg to claim fourth.