Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Boldings report

Boldings report 24-9-14.



          Having won on Wednesday last week at Boldings, Phil Shaw PI Boldings] added two more wins to his score this week, with victories on Monday and Wednesday.

          On Monday he was drawn on peg 26 on the Chestnut and fished tight to the island with shallow pellet to pick off carp to 7lbs as well as bream to 3lbs, which combined to give figures of 114-8-0.

          Six pegs along the bank Bob Tromans [Fiery Holes] worked corn at 5 metres and close to the bank for an all carp runner up of 108-2-0, which featured carp to 8 lbs at peg 32.

          Third went to an Oak pool best of 83-3-0 by Eric Bancroft [Rod & Gun] at peg 8, and fourth went to another Rod & Gun man, Dave Matson who had 73-12-0 at Chestnut 4.


          Shaw’s second win was made with the top weight of the week, 139-9-0 on Wednesday. This time he was on the Sycamore, but stayed with shallow pellet to net carp to 7lbs at peg 22.

          Gareth Emlyn [Oakengates Ang Cent] presented maggot to each side of peg 22 on the Larch, to match the winning weight from Monday, 114-8-0, but this time it was only good enough for second.

          Bob Tromans was in the mix again, taking third from Sycamore 13, where he scaled 86-0-0 to ounce Josh Humphreys[ABC] on 85-15-0 at Sycamore 34.


          Eric Bancroft {Rod & Gun] decided on a paste attack at peg 25 on the Sycamore on Thursday, working at 3 metres and tight to the bank. Carp up to 11lbs liked the decision, and were accompanied by barbel to 3lbs in winning net of 119-7-0.

          Down at peg 48 Ed Turner [PI Bold] attracted carp to 9lbs with corn and pellet at 5 metres and close in to end the day on 110-0-0 in second. Paul Evans [PI Bold] filled third from peg 21 on the chestnut where he had a net of 103-9-0, and back on the Sycamore Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] completed the frame with 98-10-0 at peg 22.


          Chestnut peg 26 gave its second winner of the week when Dave Brown [Maver] claimed the Saturday honours. He finished a long way ahead of the rest by fishing maggot to the island, and down the side for a haul of carp to 8lbs with barbel to 3lbs totalling 130-0-0.

          Sycamore 48 also featured again, with carp to 7lbs and bream to 3lbs, caught on pellet, corn and maggot, returned 78-3-0 for Steve Owen [Wolves]. Ken Shaw [Irlam] was a close third at Sycamore 36 with a weight of 75-12-0, and at Chestnut 30 Ken Humphreys [Oswestry] had 71-10-0 in 4th.


          Sunday saw an all ton frame, headed by Gareth Emlyn, who added to his mid week second spot by7 scaling 135-9-0 at Sycamore 13. The catch of carp to 8lbs and barbel to 3lbs, came to maggot, fished to each side of the peg and at 3 metres in front of the peg.

          Paul Evans also had his second visit of the week to the prize list, his runner up 108-10-0 falling to caster and maggot, offered at 4 metres at Sycamore 33. Andy Williams [Colmic] topped the Larch list with 105-0-0 from peg 4 to finish third overall, leaving Steve Roberts [Oak Ang Cent] to finish off the weeks winners list with 104-10-0 at Sycamore 24.