Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Boldings report    24-8-16.


          The hot weather had its effect on catches at Boldings Pools this week and many of the frame weights were down on last weeks.

Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent]claimed the top honours in the first match, winning the Monday open with 88-6-0 from peg 18 on the Ash Pool. Corn and pellet 5 metres and close in to the side put carp 7lbs barbel to 2lbs on the scales to give Colin his win.

Andy Williams [Vespe] opted for a maggot and corn combo to fish close in at Ash peg 23 and netted 79-10-0 of carp in the 7lbs range to take the runner up prize. Tony Foster [P I Boldings]was one fish behind at Ash peg 5, ending the day on 73-5-0. Fourth went to  Harry Colley [PI Bold] whose 66-4-0 was a Beech Pool best.


          Andy Williams stuck to his maggot and corn approach on Wednesday and his faith in the bait was rewarded with a very comfortable win on the Sycamore Pool. Andy was on peg 48 found carp to 8lbs on the close in line, which gave a final figure of 87-6-0, more than double the weight of anyone else.

Matt Stobbs [Oakengates Ang Cent] squeezed into second spot when he scaled 39-8-0 at peg 24, having caught carp to 7lbs and bream to 3lbs on pellet at 5 metres. Dave Doughty [Woodend] finished only 2 ounces behind Matt with his 39-6-0 from peg 50, and Tony Foster made the list again with a close fourth 38-4-0 from peg 6.     


          The Thursday weights on the Chestnut were very similar to those of those on the Ash on Monday with Jordan Hall [Middy] filling the top spot with 87-1-0. Drawn on peg 16, he fished Caster at 5 metres, alternating between presenting the bait shallow and on the deck. Carp and bream obliged, with samples to 6lbs and 3lbs making up the catch.                      

Colin Reynolds got in on the act again, adding a second to his Monday first by working pellet to the island at peg 23, where carp to 7lbs and barbel to 4lbs accepted his offerings to give a return of 77-3-0.  Matt Stobbs also added to his previous frame finish, picking up a third thanks to 73-14-0 from peg 18, which was followed by 67-0-0 from Mick Keene [Tricast Weston] at peg 30.


Andy Kyte [Middle  Severn Angling] claimed the laurels in sultry conditions on Saturday after the heavy overnight rain, when 67-3-0 put him at the top of the Willows Pool card. Carp and barbel fell to the pellet bait offered by Andy, on the close in line and up in the water. Fish to 6lbs and 4lbs respectively made up the winning net at peg 7.      

Tony Foster had another pick up when he recorded 53-8-0 for second at peg 8. Tony picked off carp to 7lbs and barbel to 4lbs, using pellet in the channel and at 5 metres.  Harry Colley         moved up a place on his fourth placed finish on Monday, taking third with a level 52-0-0 from peg 11, which left Steve Hall [Oswestry] to complete the frame with his 48-6-0 at peg 18.       


          Fresher weather on Sunday  saw Gareth Emlyn [Oak Ang Cent] set the best standard of the week to win with 139-7-0. Gareth netted a mixture of carp to 8lbs together with bream and barbel to 3lbsby fishing maggot to the island, and close to the side at Chestnut peg 27.

Dave Emlyn [Oak Ang Cent] followed his brother to the prize table after he recorded 102-7-0 at Chestnut peg 16. He too caught on maggot, which he worked to each side of the peg on the close in line. Andy Williams and Colin Reynolds both added to their previous successes, with Andy claiming third thanks to an Oak Pool best of 89-11-0, and Colin weighing 79-1-0 at Chestnut 30.