Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Boldings report

Boldings report    11-11-15.


          At Boldings Pools Owen Boswell [PI Boldings] scored his second Monday win on the trot this week when he took victory from peg 3 on the Middle Pool to add to his Beech Pool success of last week. Maggot down the side, as well as at 4 metres drew in carp to 5lbs and a final total of 73-10-0, the top weight of the week.

          Opposite Owen, at peg 10 Steve Roberts [Oakengates Ang Cent] went out to 8 metres with maggot, and also had some fish close in on the same bait, with carp of 4lbs returning 68-3-0. Mitch Davidson [OAC] topped the Deepdale Pool with 59-13-0 to finish in third at peg 4 and at peg 9 on the Deepdale Paul Hemmings [Monkhall] had a level 52-0-0 in fourth.


          With the temperatures dropping as the week progressed, weights fell too and on Wednesday Carl Foster [PI Bold] was head of the list with 53-13-0 from peg 3 on the Hawthorn Pool. Pellet and maggot, worked at 10 metres as well as close in netted carp to 5lbs for Carl.

          Bob Tromans [Fiery Holes] led the way on the Middle Pool to fill second overall, his 46-4-0 coming to maggot in the corner and at 5 metres. Middle peg 3 gave Mick Jameson [PI Bold] 40-9-0 for third, and back on the Hawthorn, 34-5-0 from peg 13 gave 4th to Phil Shaw [PI Bold].


          Terry Edwards [Swan Elite] claimed the honours on Thursday with a catch of carp to 5lbs totalling 43-10-0. Pegged on Chestnut 32, Terry worked maggot at 6 metres, and close in to the bank.

          Phil Taylor [Dams & Locks] used caster and maggot at peg 13 on the Sycamore to tempt carp to 4lbs on the 8 metre line, finishing the day of 38-10-0. Dave Doughty [Woodend] was close behind on 37-1-0 at Sycamore 46, while at peg 21 Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] was even closer with 36-14-0.


          After overnight snow showers putting snow water in the pools, Saturday was always going to be tough, and a level 37-0-0 was enough to hand victory to Steve Owen [Monkhall].  Steve included carp to 4lbs in his catch, which came to pellet and corn at peg 16 on the Larch.

          Maggot at 4 metres helped Andy Price [OAC] to 30-1-0 for second at Larch 24, and next to him Nigel Ball [PI Bold] had 24-14-0 at peg 26.


          Weights bounced back up again on Sunday, with the Sycamore Pool yielding a winning bag of 72-10-0 for Phil Rhodes [PI Bold]. He was on peg 47 where maggot at 10 metres resulted in carp to 6lbs and barbel to 3lbs combining to give Phil his win.

          Colin Wozek [Matrix] just held off Matt Stobbs [OAC] to claim second, his 53-13-0 from Chestnut peg 36 edging out the 53-10-0 by Stobbs at peg 7. Dave Pritchard [PI Bold] completed a trio of close catches with 51-1-0 at Chestnut 10.