Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Boldings report

Boldings report    28-1-15.


          The Aerators did their job well at Boldings Pools this week, keeping the waters free of ice to allow all five matches to go ahead.

          Dave Doughty [Woodend] started the ball rolling by winning the Monday open

From peg 1 on the Middle Pool. His catch on a cold and grey winters day was surprisingly good, a level 55-0-0 of carp to 5lbs, which dave built by offering maggot close to the side, and at 8 metres.

          Over on peg 10 Eric Bancroft [Rod & Gun] worked maggot over pellet on the 10 metre line, and had carp to 4lbs for a second best 46-2-0. Opposite Eric, at peg 3, Mick Foan [Rod & Gun] put 34-4-0 on the scales to pick up third.


          Peg 10 on the Acorn Pool out shone the rest again in the Wednesday open, which saw Colin Wozek [Vespe] post top weight of the week. Maggot was top bait again, finding carp to 6lbs on the 10 metre line as well as close in to the bank.

          At the other end of the pool, Dave Cole [Bronx] combined pellet and maggot, fished to the far bank, to net carp to 5lbs on his way to 54-2-0 and second spot. At peg 4 Tony Foster [PI Boldings] had 36-7-0 for third, with Pete Sawyer [Bronx] fourth on 28-7-0 at peg 7.


          Eric Bancroft swapped second for first on Thursday, when the action switched to the Sycamore  and Chestnut pools.

          Eric drew corner peg 50 on the Sycamore, which he worked with maggot at 10 metres. Carp to 4lbs and bream to 2lbsaccepted his offerings to give a winning 40-10-0.

          Clive Wynn [Tricast Weston] claimed second with the best weight from the Chestnut, 38-5-0, which came from peg 4, where carp to 5lbs picked up Clive’s maggot bait at 14 metres. Tight behind second, at Sycamore peg 48, was Terry Edwards [Kings] who scaled 38-1-0, and two pounds behind him was fellow Kings rod Dave Mortlock on 36-1-0 at Sycamore peg 6.


          Cold heavy rain overnight on Friday made for hard going on Saturday and 22-10-0 of carp 3lbs on maggot at 14 out from Ash peg 3 saw Alan Naylor [Oakengates Ang Cent] take home the winners purse.

          Another Oakengates rod, Steve Roberts, collected second for an Oak best of 20-12-0. He also fished maggot at 14 metres to make his catch at peg 22. Ash peg 5 gave a return of 19-13-0 to hand third to Steve Hall [Oswestry] and Oak peg 1 provided Andy Kyte [Middle Severn Angling] with 18-3-0 for fourth.


          Kev Lees [Oak Ang Cent] finished off the week in winning style after he drew peg 13 on the Sycamore and concentrated his maggot feed at 12 metres out from the point. Carp to 5lbs and bream to 2lbs were lurking there and before the finishing whistle, Kev had slipped the net under 47-3-0.

          Things were really tight for the remaining places, with only seven ounces covering all three. Ken Humphreys [Oswestry] grabbed second from Willows peg 8, where maggot at 14 metres and across to the far bank put 39-7-0 on the scales. Five ounces behind second, on 39-2-0 was Mark Taylor [Shakespeare] at Sycamore 47, and only two ounces behind him came Tony Woolaston [Kings] on 39-0-0 at Willows 5.