Tuesday, 21 June 2016


 Boldings report    21-6-16.


Stephan Davies [Tricast] was the first winner of the week at Boldings Pools] when the Monday open was staged on the Stock and Middle pools. Stephan was on the Stock, at peg 10 where he worked close in and at 5 metres, using pellet to build a winning net of carp to 4lbs which totalled 80-12-0.  Jason Atwell [Kingswinford] selected caster as his bait at peg 3 on the Middle to attract carp to 5lbs on the 6 metre line as well as close in. His runner up net weighed 68-7-0. Graham Roberts [PI Boldings] was one fish off second with his 64-9-0 at Stock peg 2, and round at Stock 7 Phil Shaw [PI Boldings] finished off the top four with 58-11-0.


                   Similar weights filled the frame on Wednesday when the Sycamore Pool hosted the match and Phil Shaw moved up to the top of the list of prize winners by fishing caster in the top layers, with the occasional foray into the margins at peg 16. He found carp to 6lbs accompanied by barbel and bream to 3lbs ready to have a go at his bait, to give a finishing weight of 78-11-0.

          Mick Perry [Fitters] finished only 4lbs off the winners pace to scale 74-10-0 for second at peg 4, opposite Mick, Dave Going [Kings] had 64-1-0 to pip multiple recent winner Dave Brown [Maver] on 63-13-0 at peg 34.


                   Caster was king again on Thursday on the Willows Pool where Andy Sherwood [PI Bold]had a haul of carp to 5lbs on shallow fished  'shells' to put 134-13-0 on the scales for victory at peg 19.

          Paul Evans [PI Bold] worked the bait at 6 metres to land 108-3-0 of carp to 8lbs and barbel to 4lbs at peg 22, with Dave Doughty making it a trio of PI Boldings rods with ton weights by scaling 103-11-0 for third at peg 8.    


          Things were tight in the minor places on the Sycamore on Saturday, behind clear winner Shane Rogers [Oakengates Ang Cent]. He drew peg 24, which he tackled with corn, fished to each side of the peg, a ploy which drew a response from carp in the 8lbs class, which gave a tally of 125-5-0 at the end of the day.

          Steve Roberts [Oak Ang Cent] and Adam Jones [Willenhall AC] were locked in a close battle for second, a battle which Steve won by four ounces. He was on peg 16 and recorded 93-10-0 to fend off Adam, who finished on 93-6-0 at peg 13. Dave Doughty was in the list again, picking fourth this time thanks to 91-12-0 from peg 8.         


          Best of the week came on Sunday when Dave Emlyn [Oak Ang Cent] won from Larch peg 16. Maggot got the carp going on the 6 metre line and built to a final aggregate of 142-8-0.

          Shane Rogers added a runner up to his previous days winner by working corn in the side and in the corner for 124-4-0 of carp to 9lbs at Larch 18. Harry Colley was best on the Ash, netting 103-2-0 for third at peg 12, and Dave Brown had another fourth when he scaled 99-7-0 at Ash peg 1.