Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Boldings report

Boldings report    22-4-15.




Andy Williams [Colmic Vespe] enjoyed a double delight at Boldings Pools this week when he recorded match wins on Monday and Wednesday.

Monday saw Andy drawn on peg 5 on the Willows Pool and catching carp to 7lbs as well as barbel to 4lbs, which he built into a 123-14-0 winning total. Corn and maggot had the fish feeding on the 5 metre line as well as close in to the side.

          Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] found the fish at peg 18 running a little smaller than the winners, with samples to 6lbs and 3lbs taking his pellet bait. The lower average size left Colin short of the target on 109-3-0. At peg 13 Owen Boswell [Shrewsbury] had 101-1-0 in third, with Godfrey Wood [Shrews] 4th on 92-5-0 at peg 19.


The action moved to the Larch Pool on Wednesday when the corn and maggot combination did the trick for Williams again, this time bringing carp to 8lbs to the net for a total of 135-5-0 at peg 14.

Round at peg 24 Phil Shaw [PI Boldings] worked shallow pellet but could not keep up with the winners catch rate, falling nearly 45lbs behind to finish on 91-9-0. Harry Colley [PI Bold] was only 5ounces short of second with his 91-4-0 at peg 1, leaving Alan Weston [Gunmakers] to complete the frame with a level 70-0-0.


On Thursday 124lbs was only good enough for fourth place behind top weight of the week 165-1-0 by Dave Lloyd [Maver]. Alternating shallow caster with maggot in the margins, Dave kept in touch with carp to 8lbs at peg 30 on the Chestnut to beat the challenge of Terry Edwards [Kings] who was on Sycamore peg 13. Fishing pellet at 5 metres and maggot in the side, Terry included barbel to 3lbs with carp to 7lb I his 146-4-0.

Harry Colley was third again, this time with 130-7-0 from Sycamore 22, and at Sycamore 25 Eric Bancroft [Rod & Gun] had a level 124-0-0 in fourth.


The Chestnut Pool came up with the winner again on Saturday when Paul Wheeler [PI Bold] offered pellet to the island, and close to the bank, at peg 26. Carp to 7lbs responded to give Paul a return of 97-6-0 which put him top of the days card.

Colin Reynolds picked up his second runners up pay-out of the week, when he headed the weights on the Sycamore. Carp to 7lbs, barbel to 3lbs and bream to 2lbs all featured in Colin’s 85-5-0 at peg 39. Clive Wynn [Tricast Weston] was a close third at Sycamore 45, where he scaled 84-8-0. Fourth went to Scott Doodson [Maver] on 71-6-0 at Chestnut 16.


Fishing pellet and maggot to each side of the point at Sycamore 13, and out at 5 metres gave Eric Bancroft his second frame appearance, and victory in the Sunday open. Carp to 7lbs and barbel to 3lbs made up a winning 146-5-0 for Eric, and a clear margin over runner up Dave Brown [Maver]. Dave was on peg 22 and fished caster and maggot up in the water as well as in the margins to net 108-10-0, Peg 40 saw Colin Wozek [Matrix] net 85-4-0 for third and an Oak best of 82-12-0 gave 4th to Dave Hailey [PI Bold].