Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Boldings report    21-2-17.


The Monday honours at Boldings Pools went to Matt Egerton [PI Boldings] who won from peg 14 on the Ash Pool. He combined pellet and maggot to attract carp to 5lbs onto the 13 metre line, fish which he used to put together a 39-13-0 winning net.

          Along the bank, at peg 18, Jeff Harston [Tricast Weston] also caught on pellet and maggot, but had a mixed bag of carp to 4lbs together with bream and roach to 2lbs which added up to 35-1-0. Third man Dave Doughty [PI Bold] was over on the other side of the pool at peg 5, where he weighed 27-11-0, which left Mick Jameson [PI Bold] to round off the frame with his 23-0-0 at peg 20.      


          Steve Owen [Monkhall] recorded the first of two wins in the week when he grabbed the glory on Wednesday from peg 18 on the Beech Pool. Rotating between corn at 13 metres and pellet at 7 metres held the attention of carp to 7lbs long enough for Steve to build his total catch to 68-11-0.

          Steve Hall [Oswestry] had to settle for second for the second Wednesday on the trot when he was left needing two more fish at Beech peg 5. He tempted his catch with maggot and pellet at 5 metres and down the side, with carp to 5lbs giving figures of 60-6-0. Third went to an Oak Pool best of 34-6-0 by Stuart Aston [Swan] at peg 13, with Mick Jameson picking up fourth again, as he finished one ounce behind on 35-5-0 at Beech 15.


          Three different pools gave the top three weights on Thursday, when Steve Owen recorded his second victory. This time he drew on the Sycamore Pool, and tackled peg 16 with corn at 12 metres, and close in to the bank. Carp to 7lbs latched onto the bait, and as the match progressed, Steve drew 20lbs clear of the field, ending the day on 73-7-0.

          Last Mondays winner Eric Bancroft [Rod & Gun] headed the list on the Chestnut Pool with a maggot and pellet based 52-0-0 of carp to 5lbs. Top man on the Willows Pool was Stephan Davies [Shrewsbury] who took third overall with his 40-12-0 from peg 9, and fourth also came from the Willows when Steve Roberts [Oakengates Ang Cent] scaled 33-6-0 at peg 17.     


          Saturday saw a slowdown in sport on the Beech Pool and 42-3-0 gave Jason Atwell [Kingswinford] an advantage of over 10lbs.  Staying on the 12 metre line, Jason presented pellet and maggot at peg 15 to lure in a mixed bag of carp to 4lbs, as well as bream and roach.

          At Beech 23 Russ Allen [Oswestry] had carp to 5lbs from close an out at 10 metres on maggot to finish second on 31-8-0. Oak peg 31 provided Gary Morris [PI Bold] with 30-6-0 for a close third, with 26-3-0 from Beech 32 giving fourth to Chris Newbrook [Oak Ang Cent].         


          The catch rate for Sunday winner Simon Christian [Sedgley] was anything but slow at Willows peg 9, where he had the fish in a voracious feeding mode by offering maggot and bread on the waggler.

Carp to 7lbs snapped up the bait and at the whistle Simon had a total of 114-10-0 to hand over to the scalesman.

          Around at Willows peg 16 Les Thompson [Matrix] found carp to 6lbs and barbel to 4lbs by using a pellet and maggot combination, which he fished at 13 metres and on the close in line. He couldn't keep up with the winner though and finished on 55-15-0 in second. Eric Bancroft was in the prizes again, picking up third thanks to the top catch from the Chestnut Pool, 52-8-0 from peg 30. Back on the Willows, at peg 14, Malcolm Fletcher [PI Bold] scaled 43-4-0 in fourth.