Wednesday, 25 May 2016


            Maver ace  Dave Brown was the star of the show again at Boldings Pools this week with another winning double, which included the top weight of the week yet again and the first 200lb catch of the year.

          It was Chris Holmes [Middle Severn Angling who got proceedings under way with victory in the Monday open, when he posted the only frame weight to come from the Oak Pool on the day, 96-3-0. Drawn on peg 29, Chris had all his fish, carp to 5lbs, on shallow fished pellet.

          Danny Boden [Oakengates Ang Cent] led a scramble for the remaining places, taking the runner up spot thanks to 86-5-0 from peg 14 on the Beech. His fish, carp to 7lbs, fell to corn, pellet and maggot presented at 5 metres and in the side. Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] just got third with 82-9-0 from Beech 7, pipping Keith Powell [PI Boldings] who had 82-10- at Beech 32.



          Like last week Dave Brown opened his account for the week by winning the Wednesday open, this time from the Chestnut Pool. He pulled peg 36 from the draw bag, and tackled it with pellet and caster, fishing at 5 metres and down the side, where carp to 7lbs joined bream to 2lbs in mopping up the bait to give a return of 109-7-0.

          Steve Owen [Monkhall] slipped into second with a Larch Pool top score of 86-6-0 from peg 19, but he didn't have much to spare as Alun Jones [Drennan] claimed third from Chestnut 14 with 84-14-0.Opposite Alun, at peg 32, Stuart Aston [Swan] scaled 64-9-0 to take fourth.


          On Thursday Brown crushed the opposition with a blistering performance at peg 8 on the Sycamore which saw him hammer out 212-2-0 of carp, bream and barbel by fishing pellet and caster to each side of the peg.

          Spare a thought for Darren Warden [Kings] who led the way on the Chestnut Pool, only to find his impressive 150-11-0 on pellet at peg 7, was overshadowed by no less than 61lbs. Graham Roberts [PI Bold] picked up third with his 108-13-0 from Sycamore 24, with another ton weight, 103-6-0 from Chestnut 30, giving fourth to Eric Bancroft [Rod & Gun].   


          With some monsoon type weather to contend with on Saturday weights were not surprisingly down on Thursdays levels. Peg 8 on the Sycamore came up with the winner again, with pellet and maggot down the sides of the peg yielding 103-15-0 to Mick Jameson [PI Bold]. Mick included carp to 8lbs with barbel and bream to 3lbs in his net.

          Opposite the winner at peg 47 Nathan Spain [Oswestry] also used pellet and maggot to entice his 72-8-0 runner up net of carp to 7lbs and bream to 2lbs. Third man Simon Christian [Sedgley] was top of the Larch card with 65-2-0 from peg 19, and only two ounces behind him on 65-0-0, was Paul Hemmings [Monkhall].


          After the rain Sunday weights were similar to those of Saturday and Harry Colley [PI Bold] won with 98-11-0 from peg 5 on the Beech. Meat, pellet and corn all played their part in clinching the victory for Harry, by accounting for carp to 8lbs.

          Dave Emlyn [Oakengates Ang Cent] opted for shallow maggot at Hawthorn peg 3, and netted carp to 6lbs on his way to 79-10-0. Back on the Beech Andy Williams [Colmic Vespe] turned in 72-6-0 for third at peg 26 and at peg 14 Colin Reynolds had another frame finish with 71-0-0.