Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Boldings report    11-10-17.


          The first winner's purse of the week at Boldings Pools went to Darren Warden [PI Boldings] when he put together a top score of 109-12-0 at Chestnut peg 7. Targeting carp and bream with pellet and maggot did the trick for Darren, bringing carp to 7lbs and bream to 3lbs to the net.

          Eric Bancroft [PI Bold] finished just shy of 100lbs with his top weight form the Beech, 99-5-0 from peg 7. Eric fished pellet and paste in the side for carp to 6lbs. Phil Shaw PI Boldings put a level 87-0-0 on the scales at Chestnut 21 to pick up third, and Les Willis made a full house of PI Boldings rods in the frame with 84-10-0 from Chestnut 32.   


                    With autumn making itself felt on Wednesday weights were down on the Willows and Larch Pools. The Willows produced the winner for Stuart Aston [Swan] in the form of carp to 6lbs and barbel to 3lbs at peg 13. Stu worked corn and pellet to the paddles and down the side to pick off 66-9-0.

          Graham Palmer [Fitters] put himself into the runner up spot with a pellet and maggot approach at Larch peg 8, where he banked carp to 6lbs from the 6 metre line as well as close in. Pete Sawyer [Bronx] was less than 3lbs adrift at Larch 26, where he scaled 53-11-0, and close behind him was Dave Brown [Maver] on 52-0-0 at Larch 22.


                    Dan Lee [Ludlow] topped the list on Thursday after he drew peg 33 on the Sycamore. Presenting pellet at 7 metres put him in contact with carp to 8lbs and bream to 3lbs, which he used to build a 105-6-0 winning bag.

          Brian Travis [Shrewsbury] topped the Chestnut Pool catches to fill second place, he had carp and bream to 7lbs and 2lbs respectively on pellet and corn in the side and at 7 metres to record 87-8-0 at peg 39. Eric Bancroft made the list again, finishing third this time by scaling 79-4-0 at Sycamore 13, and Dave Brown had another fourth thanks to 78-12-0 from Sycamore 48.


                    Saturday saw Alun Jones [Wrexham] take a turn at the top when his corn bait just put him ahead of Matt Stobbs [Oakengates Angling Centre]. Alun was on Beech peg 5 and had carp to 7lbs from the margins to weigh 90-3-0.

          Matt drew Oak peg 5 where caster fished shallow and in the side gave a catch of carp to 5lbs totaling 87-11-0. At Oak 16, Harry Colley [PI Bold] booked in 59-14-0 for third, which was closely followed by 57-6-0 from Steve Owen [Monkhall] at Oak 31.


                    Harry Colley moved up to first spot on Sunday when the Beech Pool again bettered the Oak. Harry Drew Beech 32 where he put corn to work at 4 metres and in the side to attract carp to 7lbs and a final tally of 79-2-0.

          Jack O'Sullivan [Oak Ang Cent] filled second with the best Oak Pool weight, 65-8-0, which consisted of carp to 5lbs, which were caught on pellet and maggot at 6 metres and close in at peg 29. Steve Owen had another pay out when he scaled 60-8-0 for third at Beech 3, and Dave Brown had another fourth, when he weighed 51-9-0 at Oak 16.


          The dates of the matches for the Boldings Winter League are Dec 2nd & 16th, Jan 13th & 27th, and Feb 10th. Anyone wishing to enter please contact Rob Hancox, Dave Craggs or Boldings Pools.