Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Boldings report

Boldings report    29-9-15.


Phil Shaw [PI Boldings] doubled up at Boldings Pools, scoring two first places in the first two matches of the week, to add to his Monday win of last week.

          He set the pace on Monday again, this time on the Beech pool, with a shallow caster attack at peg 4 where carp to 7lbs were joined in the net by bream to 2lbs which gave an aggregate of 118-4-0 and a clear victory.

          Adam Bates [Telford] combined corn and pellet at peg 7, working the offerings at 5 metres as well as close in to the bank. Carp to 8lbs responded to give figures of 89-14-0. Round in the corner, at peg 11 Dave Matson [Rod & Gun] finished in third when he weighed 64-10-0 to finish one fish ahead of Owen Boswell [Cannock] who had 59-6-0 at peg 16.


          Things were tighter on the Larch Pool on Wednesday and only one fish separated the top two. Shaw came out on top again, this time with a mix of carp and barbel, with fish of 7lbs and 2lbs respectively falling to shallow caster to give a 78-3-0 winner at peg 3.

          Steve Owen [Monkhall] also had carp and barbel at peg 8, with similar sized carp to those of the winner, but smaller barbel, with samples to 1lb. He caught on corn and pellet, close in and at 6 metres, for a weight of 73-14-0. Paul Evans [PI Bold] was a close third at peg 28 with a weight of 71-3-0 and at peg 16 Bob Tromans [Fiery Holes] completed the frame with 66-7-0.


          Best catch of the week fell to Jordan Hall [Middy] who headed an all ton frame on Thursday from peg 15 on the Chestnut Pool. Caster was the winning bait again, which Jordan worked at 5 metres and in the margins to fill his net with 133-12-0, which consisted of carp to 7lbs as well as barbel to 3lbs.

          On the Willows Pool Steve Owen [Monkhall] opted to fish pellet, alternating between the 10 metre and 14 metre lines at peg 18, where he contacted carp to 6lbs and barbel to 4lbs, but couldn’t quite maintain the winners catch rate and ended the day on 121-6-0. Along at Willows 13 Dave Lloyd [Maver] was a couple of fish behind second with 111-4-0 to claim third, and back on the Chestnut Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] kept his run on success going with a fourth placed 101-5-0 from peg 7.


          Andy Kyte [Middle Severn Angling] scooped up another week-end win when he finished well ahead of the field on Sunday on the Willows Pool. Having pulled peg 8 from the draw bag, Andy decided on a pellet approach, working the bait at 10 metres and close in for carp to 5lbs together with barbel to 3lbs. As the match progressed, he drew 30lbs clear, ending the day on 98-8-0.

          Along at peg 5 Dave Hailey [PI Bold] netted 67-2-0 to finish as nearest rival to the winner and 15lbs in front of a close battle for third. Colin Reynolds got the place to add to his mid-week fourth, his 52-12-0 at peg 18 just beating the 52-6-0 of Dave Pritchard [Ind] at peg 13.