Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Boldings report

Boldings report    20-5-15.



          At Boldings Pools this week Owen Boswell [Shrewsbury] came up with another win when he took charge of the Monday open on the Chestnut Pool by netting carp and bream at peg 39. Maggot at 4metres sorted out the fish for Owen, with samples of 7lbs and 3lbs returning figures of 100-8-0.

          Bob Tromans [Fiery Holes] was round the point at peg 28 and caught on pellet, fished to each side of the peg, netting carp to 6lbs to put together 86-4-0. Over on peg 16 Eric Bancroft [Rod & Gun] squeezed out Phil Shaw [PI Boldings] at peg 13 by 79-4-0 to 78-7-0.


          Peg 33 on the Sycamore was on form again to provide Steve Owen [Monkhall] with a Wednesday win. Corn and pellet down the side and at 5 metres just saw Steve home with 111-10-0 of carp and bream, but it was very tight at the finish, as Terry Holmer [Club 2000] was only three ounces behind on 111-7-0 at Sycamore peg 4. Terry caught on maggot at 4 metres, and like Steve, he had carp and bream. Third went to Karl Hayward [PI Bold] at Sycamore 49 where he scaled 96-7-0, and fourth fell to a Willows best of 83-10-0 by Carl Foster [PI Bold] at peg 4.


          The following day the winner came from three pegs along the bank at 36, where the same corn and pellet tactics worked for Jordan Hall [Maver], picking out carp to 8lbs and bream to 3lbs which added up to an increased 150-13-0 top weight.

          Down at corner peg 30 Gareth Emlyn [Oakengates Ang Cent] concentrated on maggot bait and had carp of a similar size to the winners, along with barbel to 3lbs, but was left needing one more carp as the scales settled at 144-4-0. Mick Jameson [PI Bold] took third with a Chestnut top weight of 141-6-0 at peg 32, and at Sycamore 24 Steve Owen supplemented his previous days win with a fourth by weighing 133-2-0.


          Mick Jameson jumped to the top of the card on Saturday, winning from the Willows Pool. Peg 7 responded to pellet, at 5 metres, providing 126-1-0 of carp to 7lbs and barbel to 3lbs.

          Josh Humphreys [ABC] was best on the Larch, his shallow maggot attack returning 101-15-0 for second overall. A Chestnut top score of 89-10-0 from peg 18 put Andy Kyte [Middle Severn Angling] into third and back on the Larch Colin Reynolds [Bilston AC] had 86-5-0 in fourth.


          Dave Hailey [PI Bold] saved the best for last, recording the top weight of the week to collect the Sunday honours. Shallow pellet at Larch peg 14 had carp to 5lbs queuing up for a final tally of 152-6-0.

          Shane Rogers [Oak Ang Cent]  alternated shallow pellet with maggot in the margins at peg 24 to net his runner up 126-1-0 of carp to 7lbs. !05-10-0 from peg 4 put Kel Emlyn [Oak Ang Cent] into third, just ahead of Eric Bancroft on 103-5-0 at peg 22.